Student Testimonials

Student who watched our video on Facebook I would just like to tell you how inspirational your talk about your mother was to me! I was lying on my bed, with a hand full of pills ready to give up... Until something told me to go on Facebook and your video popped up. I had skipped past it multiple times.... But as I kept scrolling down I noticed more and more people were sharing it. I decided to watch it and I was in earts!!!! I now have a new focus on life itself and I would like to say a big THANK YOU for saving my life. Crying as I write this I hope you read my message, because you are an inspiration to life itself and I just hope you know that! Thank you for giving me hope, and another chance at life! All the best in your career!!!! #MyNewInspiration.
Student Eustis High School - Eustis, FL   Marc, Thank you. I saw your presentation a couple of months ago. Ever since then I have created a better relationship with my parents and siblings. I have brought my grades up and I have set goals for myself. Before your words changed my life, I was headed down the wrong path. You will never understand how truley greatful I am to you for saving me from myself. You are my inspiration. Thank you thank you thank you!
Student East Middle School - Auburn, NY   Marc, thank you so much for coming to East Middle School. You had the people who are usually not emotional, crying with your touching story. You have changed me and the other 600 kids in our school. Right after the presentation, I went up to my brother at his locker and told him how great he was. I soon became closer with my family. The sister I always fight with is the sister I barely fight with now. Thank you Marc.
Student Hagerty High School - Oviedo, FL   Marc, I was in your presentation today at Hagerty High School. I was sitting in the back, by myself & I was going to go home, and take my own life, then I saw your program… I thought about my mom. How much she loves me. I thought about your story, and why God still has me here. I bawled my eyes out in the bathroom, and realized I’m here for a reason. YOU made me realize that, you saved my life.. You came on the perfect day, right when i’d had enough. Thank you.
Student Geneva High School - Geneva, NY   You Don’t Know Me But You Came and Talked at My School in Geneva, NY . What You said Made So Many People Cry, Even the Guys (Oh they Weren’t So Macho that day) We all went back to Class and Most Boys I would’ve never imagine cried. You Show so many that You can Loose So much and Still Hold a Smile in Your Face. I Can Honestly Say That it Was the Best Assembly I’ve been to.
Student Milwee Middle School - Longwood, FL   Marc Mero, Lke you said “I BELIEVE!” You really changed alot of people that day. I mean everyone isn’t acting the same anymore (in a good way) Everyone is much nicer and treats one an other with respect. Thanks Man keep doing what you do!
Student Timber Creek High School - Orlando, FL   I’m so happy I met you the other day Marc. You changed my life and the way to think about life and how much each person has to offer to the world, and how to just be HAPPY. Thanks Marc, I will never stop striving for my goals and making the right choices! God Bless
Student Rock Lake Middle School - Orlando, FL   He came to my school this month and everybody walked out of the room different that day. I went in there not knowing what to expect and thought it was going to be weird and boring but it wasnt at all. Mr. Marc is the best. He made me really think about what I say and do and I hope he knows how much of an impact he makes on us kids. Im only 11 and He just really insipered me to be a great person and I want him to know that.
Student Port Byron High School - Port Byron, NY   Marc Mero, thanks for inspiring not only me, but my whole school, Your truly are an inspiration and you taught me how much I should value my loved ones no matter how annoying they can sometimes be. You’re an amazing speaker and you taught me the true meaning of life and changed my whole outlook on life. Thank you so much for changing my life!!!!!
Student Rock Lake Middle School - Orlando, FL   When you came to our school on thursday you had made a huge impact on EVERYONE! I had seen people hugging people they haven’t even hugged before, I saw some of my toughest friends cry……..and some of the most popular kids talking, sharing jokes and laughing with kids that don’t have many friends. I think you have made a HUGE impression on Rock Lake Middle school and our leadership program. I think you are an amazing person and we all want you to come back to our school. I mean you are part of our leadership program! Hope to see you soon.
Student Legacy Middle School - Orlando, FL   Mr.mero im soooooooooooo glad u came to Legacy Middle School! U made me cry and took all the bad thoughts out of my head!!! I even once thought of suicide. im glad that there is someone like you!!!! Thank you so much!!!
Student Millennium Middle School - Sanford, FL   My life has been the most best after that speech u said that day at m.m.s. i want u to come back and talk and we want u to make us think of what we want to do later on in life like u did when u were young. u never gave up on what u wanted and thats what i want to do. i really want to make my dreams right and not mess up. thanks for everything.
Student Legacy Middle School - Orlando, FL   Thank you so much for coming to our school today, I never thought I would see so many kids my age moved by just one person. I’m pretty sure you made everyone there have a whole different outlook on life. I know you had that impact on me. And for that I thank you.
Student West Middle School - Auburn, NY   Marc Mero,You really inspired me. You’ve made me realize that family & friends is the closest thing you will ever have to paradise. I’ve never cried so much in school,& i’ve never seen so many students cry that much either. But the main point of this is to tell you,Thank you so much. Your speech has changed me,& the… way i look at things & people. You’ve thought me a lot about family & making the right choices. I just really want to thank you for taking the time too tell me your life story. I know it was hard for you. Thank you for coming too.
Student Auburn High School - Auburn, NY   I am from Auburn High School. My name is Ally and I am 14 years old. Thank you so much for speaking to us. People like you make the earth a better place to live in. The suicide thing got to me because I’m going through a really hard time right now… I think you just convinced me to stay here. Thank you so much for saving my life.
Student Horizon Middle School - Kissimmee, FL   Thank you so much Marc Mero for taking time to come to HMS. No parent should have to bury their child. Our choices are important, one bad choice can lead to the next . One of my friends thought about suicide and tried to take her life a few days ago but thanks to what u told us, I shared it with her and she felt better and thanked me but I told her if it weren’t for you coming to talk with us I don’t know I would’ve said. Thank you a million times, I can’t thank you enough it really was a blessing having you there 🙂
Student Auburn High School - Auburn, NY   I never really realized how selfish I was until I went to the assembly today. Your words have truly made me think and realize how precious life and family are. I always think to myself how lousy my life is, but after listening to you today, I realize how great and wonderful it is. I am very fortunate to have a family, a house, and a life. Thank you so much for coming, you made me cry my eyes out. I think you changed a lot of kids’ lives today.
Student Port Byron High School - Port Byron, NY   Marc Mero, thanks for inspiring not only me, but my whole school, Your truly are an inspiration and you taught me how much I should value my loved ones no matter how annoying they can sometimes be. You’re an amazing speaker and you taught me the true meaning of life and changed my whole outlook on life. Thank you so much for changing my life!!!!!
Student Boone High School - Orlando, FL   Thank you so much for coming to speak at our High School. Your speech really touched me and my friends. I’m very sorry about all of your losses. You had me crying like a baby at the end of your presentation. Although I have never lost a close family member I could really understand how you felt because I have lost friends to drugs and alcohol.
Student Greenwood Lakes Middle School - Lake Mary, FL   Dear Marc, I wish i could come to you with a nice email but i can’t. My life is so hard and even if i have nice things, my family has gone wrong, my dad might go to jail. I feel like you, when you were a kid and lived in a small house. I might get kicked out of and no one to talk to. If you are wondering who this is, I’m the girl with the camera you took a picture with, yes I know I looked happy but I was not. If you have to ask I’m very depressed. You known just hearing you for an hour gave me some hope. I’m on our school team and trying to keep it together in fact I have a game tonight at 6:30 I wish you could come to one of my games I would be so happy , I hope you know I’m one of those kids you talked about, the bad ones and I’m trying to turn my self around. here is a list of things I’ve stopped and started doing to get my self together 1. I stopped having boyfriends 2. I stopped bullying people 3. I started hanging out with better people 4. I started to believe in my dad and hoped he could be a better person 5. I started to help my mother feel better about her self and leave that terrible boyfriend of hers thats about it. i know its small but its a start. And you know what after starting those good thing and stopping those bad thing i feel loads better about myself. I promised myself that i will stop making bad choices and start making good choices.
Student Glenridge Middle School - Orlando, FL   Dear Marc, You were talking about good choices at our school today and you pulled out a “Death List” about everyone you knew and cared about who had died. I thought you might like to hear this story: A couple of weeks before you came to our school I found out my cousin Billy was going to die in a matter of days. My cousin is not even 2 years old. That isn’t much of a life, is it? My mom is crying and my grandma is heartbroken. All through this, I never cried a tear. After you came and talked at our school, I thought about it all day. As soon as I got home, I started crying. You really helped me finally break through that numbness I felt and I let the tears fall. You really inspired me and I want to thank you for making me realize I can be a champion. For Billy. I was not allowed to stay after the ceremony so I did not get an autograph. I was wondering if you could send me an autograph in the mail so I could cheer up my dad because he got me into wrestling and is a big fan. The Billy thing is really hitting him hard, but he’s still trying to make me believe every things okay. I am not good at sports and I have an awkward physique, but I will be a wrestling champion who started out small, just like you. My first match will be for Billy. Maybe you’ll be in the audience watching me.
Student Orlando Lutheran Academy - Orlando, FL   Dear Mr. Marc Mero, Today I met you at my school when you came to talk to us about your life. First off I just want to say how amazed I am with you. I have never in my life watched wrestling so that being said I had never heard of you until today. But you just seem like an unbelievable person. The way you are with your faith and how close you are with God, makes me want to be closer to God. And how you are proud of who you are and what you have become makes me want to be the same. I can honestly say in the hour and thirty minutes that you talked to us, I have never gained so much from someone and you changed me for life. I am now not afraid to go after the things I dream about in life, because I know that dreams come true.
Student Olympia High School - Orlando, FL   Your life story amazed me, from being poor and having family troubles, to being someone that everyone idolized and loved so much, its crazy how things can change for the good and sometimes the bad. It just makes me realize how I need to be extra careful of the choices I make in my life, and that I make sure I go down the path God wants me to go down. I really just want to thank you for today, because you are now one of my heros and I truly mean that. You have impacted me and my life so greatly, and I couldn’t be happier. PS You have made such an impact and things are already going amazingly better. I got my first A on a history test and it was all because I had faith in myself that I could succeed ! Thank you so much, your encouragement makes me feel great about myself and the things I want to do.
Student Valencia College - Orlando, FL   I honestly loved your presentation you did for our school. I enjoyed every minute of it. A lot of things you said touched me deep down. I‘m sorry for what happened in your family. It made me have tears in my eyes. You are very strong to be able to share it and still continue being happy in your life. I really admired that. I made me think twice if it happened to me and my family. Before I ever choose to do wrong, I will think of you. You’re a role model to others and most of all you’re a great person. So thanks for sharing your touching story.
Student New Smyrna Beach Middle School - New Smyrna Beach, FL   Dear Marc, Thanks for coming to my school. it was such an inspiration to hear you speak and I’m truly sorry for your loses. you made me cry when you spoke about your family and how your dad died in your arms. My mom gives me the type of speeches that you gave today, and it’s not that hers don’t make a difference but yours was so powerful and you are such a great guy.
Student Indian Trails Middle School - Orlando, FL   Marc, I would like to thank you for coming to my school. You really made people listen. You did it in such a great and enjoyable way. I am hoping to see you again next year. I came home the day you talked to us and I told my friends all about you. They all can’t wait to see you next year! I also told my family about you and my little brother Andrew (6 years old) can’t wait to see you. So I hope you come back for many years to come to tell all people your story!
5th Grade Student Union Park Elementary School - Orlando, FL   Dear Marc, You gave a very good story. Now that you came we know not to do drugs because drugs are bad for you. I am very sorry about what happened to your family. It was very sad. I cried a lot. Now they are watching over you. I will make the right choices!
Student Deerwood Elementary - Orlando, FL   Dear, Mr. Mero Your speech was great and I think all of us fifth graders got your message. Your life story touched my heart. Especially at the end. I cannot even imagine the pain you must have felt. Having every single person in your family die. I started to cry because it made me think of my grandfather who died of cancer before I was even the age of 2. It inspired me too to think that If I don’t do drugs, if i don’t drink or smoke that I can live a healthy life and live as long as I can. I read your inspirational stories on your website and you have been through a lot in your life! I will always look up to you as a person who never quit when it was hard. I think that i can do anything now as long as i believe.
Student Holly Hills Middle School - Kissimmee, FL   Hi Mr. Mero I have been contemplating on what you told us Thursday April 24th, every time I think of a new goal to wright down i think of you, and what you told us. I have never noticed how many goals I have wanted to accomplish in life until i had written them down. I know now that in order to reach your goals you have to work really hard on it.
Student Lake Brantley High School - Altamonte Springs, FL   Oh my gosh Marc. when you came to my school and gave us your speech, oh man. That was the best speech I’ve ever heard. I’m serious. It made all of my friends, teachers, and even me cry. I wouldn’t think a professional wrestler would give such a motivational speech. I hope you have GREAT day and please come back to my school (: well i really hope you would write back since you said you would. 😀
Student Wekiva High School Orlando, FL   Hi Marc, First off let me start by saying your a great inspiration. With all that you’ve been through, it’s great that you can hold your head up so high. I saw you at our School today. Wow. your story was amazing. I realized my confidence level isn’t the best. I feel like an outcast at my school. There’s not too many kids who also have OCD, ADD, and ADHD. I feel that these issues hold me back. But if you can reach your goals, I can too. You’ve also made me realize, that when my six year old sister is all exited to see me, i shouldn’t just walk by. And she always asks me to play, but i always make up an excuse because i don’t want too. But i know i will regret it someday, so i’ll take every chance i get to hang out with my little sister. Thank you so much. Best of luck with everything.
Student University High School - Orlando, FL   Dear Marc, Wow where do i start? Your presentation was the best guest speaker we have ever had. I have too say yours was the best one yet. you really made me realize that no matter how “bad” i think my parents are or how much I don’t like them cause they wont let me do this or that it’s cause they care and love me. Also your not like the rest of the speakers you didn’t just sit there and go on about how you shouldn’t do this we shouldn’t do that and change this and this too make this like everyone else does. Your appearance was great you were very entertaining and you didn’t tell us what to do, you just kinda told us as you see it and we make the changes we want. [if that makes sense kinda hard to explain] but I basically just wanted you to know that you were great the other day and i really appreciate you coming in.
Student Lake Highland Prep - Orlando, FL   Dear Marc, I just want to thank you personally for sharing your story with all of us. I really appreciate how you are such a positive person with a positive attitude and how you choose to have not a good day, but great day each and every day! I was very inspired by your story, and I will keep those lessons you taught us with me through out the rest of my life. I can’t imagine going through what you have gone through in your life I admire your strength that kept you up through all of those times where most people would just fall apart. Good luck in the future and keep inspiring young people like you did for all of us!
Student Edgewater High School - Orlando, FL   Hey Mr.Mero, l want to thank you for coming out to speak with us. I really appreciate everything you did for us. My friend enjoyed it too. I was glad not only to meet a wrestler but to meet such a great guy like you. Its nice you will take time from your busy life and explain to thousands of kids your life story from the ups and downs and how to become a champion. I learned a lot from you today and I hope to someday see you again. Oh yea don’t worry all the information you gave us I’m going to put it to use and soon you will see me on t.v then you will be asking me for my autograph. Take care and thank you Mr. Mero for teaching us how to become champions. Hopefully the others learned a lot. Also Can’t forget next time I’ll make sure they have you ready to go and sorry for all the trouble with the sound but like the champion you are you didn’t let that keep you down. Till next time.
Student Denn John Middle School - Orlando, FL   Hey marc I’m an 8th grader and I liked what you were talking about it was really interesting, and you know how you were like if I could just touch one person,well you best believe you touched me I actually would never do drugs because I’m christian and I know God disapproves of something like that. I know you must’ve touched someone else out there in the crowd and I was going to go up to you when the bell rang and tell you “you touched Me”.
Student Timber Creek High School - Orlando, FL   Hi I was at your speech and I just wanted to say that I went home and told my mom the whole thing and showed her your website because your story was so cool!
Student Weedsport High School - Weedsport, NY   Before the assembly a lot of people looked at it as a good thing just because they were missing class. but once the assembly was over i think it changed the way a lot of kids looked at life and how they treat people, at least I know it did. Thank you for coming and sharing your experiences with us.
Student West Middle School - Auburn, NY   Marc Mero you really inspired me. You’ve made me realize that family & friends is the closest thing you will ever have to paradise. I’ve never cried so much in school. I’ve never seen so many students cry that much either. But the main point of this is to tell you,Thank you so much. Your speech has changed me and the way I look at things & people. You’ve tought me a lot about family & making the right choices. I just really want to thank you for taking the time too tell me your life story. I know it was hard for you.
Student Fayetville Manlius High School - Fayetville, NY   Mr. Mero, I really thank you for your speech today. I cannot imagine what it would be like to go through everything that you have been through. I have a different perspective on life now and i will try live life to the fullest and love my family as i should.
Student Southern Cayuga High School   Marc! You really changed a lot of lives for people to better themselves including me. You are a HUGE inspiration! Now I feel like my life is a lot better and I am going to make a difference=) Thanks again!