America’s #1 School Presenter

Marc Mero’s “Make It Stop!” Tour reaches students at a heart level and gives them tools and inspiration to face everyday challenges and view their life from a new perspective.

Marc shares his captivating journey with audiences worldwide and inspires people to examine their life choices.  Listeners feel a greater sense of appreciation toward their relationships and the “gift of time” – and are empowered to make a difference in their personal life, school, career, and community. 


Dear Educators and Friends: 

  • America’s most sought-after Middle / High school presentation.
  • Presented to more than 2,000 schools; reaching more than 1 MILLION  students, parents and educators.
  • Impacting pre-teens, teens, teachers and parents at school assemblies and youth gatherings around the world.

Tragically we are losing more and more of our students to suicide, drugs, gangs and violence.  Cyber-bullying has taken cruelty outside school walls.  Our children are struggling with loneliness, isolation and depression. Many are self-harming and feel hopeless.

Benefits from ONE-HOUR presentation:

  • Students have HOPE for a brighter tomorrow
  • School cultures are being transformed as students take a stand against bullying, drugs and peer pressure
  • Students who are depressed, exhibit self-injurious behavior (cutting), or have suicidal thoughts are getting help
  • Young people are discovering their life passion, setting goals, and becoming the Champions they are destined to be!

Join with us to help your students and community. 

As the founder of the nonprofit organization, Champion of Choices, Marc dedicates his life to helping others be the “Champion” they’re destined to be!  The Time is Now!  Get ready to be inspired!

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